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Еverywhere one

December 21 -February 20

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December 21 sa, 19:00
40 – 150
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January 26 su, 19:00
40 – 150
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February 20 th, 19:00
40 – 150

Stage composition Michael Reznikovich
Everywhere one ...

Performance without intermission.(12+)
Duration: 1 hour 20 minutes.

Premiere: February 28, 2014

Staging - Michael Reznikovich

Set, costumes - Elena Drobova

Director - Dmitry Morozov

Composer - Alexander Shimko

Choreographers - Olga Goldies, Maxim Peqniy

Sound engineer - Alla Muravskaya

Videoprojection - Alex Rabin, Andrew Ryabin

Editing text - Tatiana Motsar

Assistant director - Andrey Zabolotnyi,  Elena Shmirina

Generous and inexhaustibly fertile Ukrainian soil gave universal human constellation geniuses unquenchable Candle - Taras Shevchenko, and Tiranobortsa Prophet Speaker freedom, who put on guard at his countrymen, "dumb slaves" fiery word, and "Zapovіtі" gave them a call, "Kaidanow porvіte".

Few of those who have had the immortality achieved it so dearly as Taras Shevchenko. Fate had spared him for the most severe trials and tribulations. Shevchenko lived only 47 years old, twenty-five of them - in serfdom, ten - in soldiering and exile. And the rest - fighting deprivation, disease, cherishing the unfulfilled dream of a family center, elementary comfort in your own home - a small hut at home.

In the current theatrical interpretation, despite years of textbook, jaded declaration and harmoniously intertwined many of the motifs of life of poet and artist: creativity, love, disappointment, remorse, hatred, confusion, fame and oblivion, desire to understand anything and everything ...

"... The performance of the fate of a talented person who has got a millstone system. On the one hand, she forged his talent on the other - a warped his life. This Shevchenko and Shevchenko, not only Shevchenko.
The basis - all the texts all the poems of Taras Shevchenko and memories of him . But he was very different. And the weak and strong, and kind, and unfair.
We took only one component of his personality, above all, talent, so it is difficult to insist on full true nature of identity. Rather, it is the legend of Shevchenko. Although based on the facts of his life.
Legend of a very talented man, whose life was destroyed by the system. He knew too much, and felt keenly deserved more for human happiness, but not fulfilled.
Everyone has their own ... Shevchenko, like everyone - his Pushkin. We - THIS! . "

(M. Reznikovich)

By Taras Shevchenko
Victor Aldoshin
Peter Panciuc
Stanislav Bobko
Yuri Deac
Vitaly Ovcharov, Andrey Ponomarenko
Oleg Savkin
Artists Zongo
Taisa Boyko
Irina Borshchevskaya, Valery Velichko Anna Grinchak, Alexander Yong, Victoria Zhilinskaya, Vyacheslav Nikolenko, Irina Novak, Alexei Polishchuk, Vladimir Raschuk
Peter Sova
Episode "Gogol"
Michael Augustus
Oleg Zamyatin, Natalia Kovyazina, Olga Kogut, Victor Pouch, Vyacheslav Lisenbart, Anna Natalushko, Tatiana Ostapenko, Oleg Royenko, Dmitry Savchenko, Lubov Solodova Elena Stefano, Alexander Khoroshko
Vasily Yurchenko
Episode " Berenger"
Michael Augustus
Taisa Boyko, Oleg Zamyatin, Victor Pouch, Vyacheslav Lisenbart, Sergei Oziryany, Victor Semirozumenko, Julia Smushkova, Lybov Tishchenko, Elena Poplar, Jan Tututchenko, Alexander Khoroshko, Elena Chervonenko.

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