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Sun Valley Serenade big

Sun Valley Serenade

October 20 19:00

Sun Valley Serenade map
October 20, 19:00
150 – 800

"Sun Valley Serenade"

Ted Scott is a talented musician. His orchestra was invited to play at the super-resort “Sun Valley”, and he will sing in a duet with the famous singer Vivien Dawn, who gives him signs of attention. But Karen, a refugee from Norway, bursts into Ted's life, twisting the emotions of all the characters with a snowy whirlwind of emotions. And now instead of rehearsing, Ted chases Karen down the slopes on skis. Classic love triangle.

The best actors of Ukraine, unique scenery and costumes, a plot based on the Oscar-winning Hollywood comedy and Glenn Miller's hits can not leave anyone indifferent. The spectator will be carried away by a whirlwind of emotions from everyday life in the world of humor, romance and live music.

The star staff will shine on the stage: Olga Sumskaya, Vitaly Borisyuk, Miroslava Filippovich, Vladimir Goryansky, Alexey Vertinsky, Alexander Melamoud, Ksenia Vertinskaya and others.

Director - Semen Horov, Set Designer - Masha Shubina, Bend, directed by Andrey Solovyov.

Happy end guaranteed!

Sun Valley Serenade Sun Valley Serenade
Sun Valley Serenade