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August 31 Summer Theater "Morvokzal" closes 2019 season with a big concert by Boris Grebenshchikov, group "Aquarium".

Closing the season - gentle sadness and light nostalgia. But, if the season was worthy, then the closure should be grandiose. And who, if not legendary Boris Grebenshchikov and "Aquarium" can make the season unforgettable. The philosophy that passed through the generations. Lyric that has sprouted through stones and thorns of freedom of love and the protest of rock'n'roll. An idea that stretches beyond the limits of all worldly and everyday fuss. All this is he - the legendary Boris Grebenshchikov. The group "Aquarium" is actual and incomparable. Representatives of the latest generation of rockers who "love rummaged without a mother," whose music and poetry are executed in a deep and true sense, continue to play. And all because their creativity is not so much theatrical art, but sincere, honest, eternal music and poems about life in the rock and roll style.

Since the creation of the Aquarium a lot has changed, in addition to the popularity of BG and its group. For nearly half a century all those who have ever heard such hits as "City of Gold", "Platan" and "Tram" fall almost forever in the many millions of fans of talent Boris Grebenshchikov.

The creativity of Grebenshchikova is distinguished by the breadth of genres, styles and trends, as well as the use of unusual and sometimes exotic instruments. The BG responds easily to questions quoted by the wise men, leads friendship with the Dalai Lama, and accusations of occultism mingle with the statement that God is not omnipresent and mediators between him and man are not needed.

Season 2019 has come to the end, but in the Summer Theater "Morvokzal" is not yet one creative summer, and this year a decent season - a decent closure.